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3 Mukhi Rudraksha

The three Mukhi Rudraksha has three natural lines or Mukhas on its surface .Three Mukhi Rudraksha represents Agni, i.e. fire that burns and consumes everything. This Rudraksha helps the wearer to fight with all kinds of situation and win over them.

SHIVA PURANA Vidyesvara Samhita Suta said Rudraksha is a favourite bead of Shiva. It is highly sanctifying. It removes all sins by sight, contact and Japa SHIVA said If a man is not liberated after Meditation and acquisition of Knowledge, he shall wearRudraksha. He shall be freed from all sins and attain the highest goal. A Rudraksha of 3 Faces always bestows means of enjoyment.

O daughter of king of mountains thus I have explained to you the different types of Rudraksha based on the number of faces. Please listen to the mantras with devotion.

Said that the 3 faced Rudraksha is a symbol of Agni (Fire) and the ruling planet is Mars. People mainly wear this Rudraksha in Monday. It is usually recommended for children with frequent fever, diseases of liver, stress and depression.